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Progressive Leadership Now More than Ever
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In 2000, an insurgent slate won leadership of the PSC.  We took the name, New Caucus, because we wanted to break with the existing leadership caucus to turn the PSC into a fighting union.  We promised to:

·         Advance the professional work lives of our members

·         Promote quality education for CUNY’s diverse student body

·         Strengthen labor/community coalitions to expand the power of the PSC in our  fight for CUNY and  social justice

You have reelected us four times.  Together, over the last 15 years, we have accomplished much.  Today we are faced with an especially ugly political and economic landscape.  The CUNY faculty and staff  have been without a contract for four-and-a-half years. CUNY’s unique funding arrangement has resulted in an especially complex negotiation process with the City and State. The forces we are confronting are powerfully resistant to delivering a fair economic offer for members and adequate funding to the University for our students.  Despite this resistance, step by step we are advancing the PSC agenda with powerful decision-makers.  In the midst of this difficult struggle for a fair contract and funding it is critical that we demonstrate our unity by turning out a large vote for the New Caucus slate in April. We are counting on you to vote and get your colleagues to vote New Caucus.  Your vote is a public affirmation for our four contract priorities;

·         Fair wage increases for faculty and staff

·         Greater job security for part-time faculty

·         Increased opportunity for salary advances for HEO’s

·         Diminished course load for full-time faculty

Won Equity Salary Increases and equity increases for the lowest-paid titles, resulting in salary gains of 35% to as much as 65%.  The new contract will build on these gains.

Increased the Top Salary Steps in every title and for every rank; for instance, a 3 % increase in the highest step from $86,619 to 116,36 .  A new contract will build on these gains.

Won HEO Arbitration and Lawsuit to enforce the 35-hour workweek and overtime payments

Increased Adjunct Pay through the creation of a fully paid “professional hour” and equity increases

Led the Fight on Pathways to uphold faculty rights and democratic governance

Saved and Stabilized Adjunct Health Insurance by negotiating public financing and movement to the City health care plan

Negotiated a Major Increase in Sabbatical Pay from 50% to 80%

Won 24  Credits of Reassigned Time for junior faculty preparing for promotion and tenure

Won Graduate Employee Health Insurance

Restructured and Increased Funding for PSC-CUNY Research Awards

Won Pay Differentials for CLT’s and Assistants to HEO with Masters or PhD

Created a Professional Development Fund for HEO’s, CLT’s, adjuncts and Continuing Ed Faculty

Won the Right to Paid Parental leave

Won Paid Office Hours for Adjuncts 

Won Workload Equity at City Tech and CSI 

Maintained Access to Health Insurance with No Monthly Premium 

Defended Teacher-Preparation Programs against the Testing Regime 

Developed significant Electoral Power, Notably in our Influential Endorsement of de Blasio 

Defended 13.3b Protections for HEO’s


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